Deontological code

The following Deontological Code defines the principles and the norms that all MEDACES contributors are called to observe and fulfil:

  • MEDACES is an international scientific service related to research and management for the conservation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea. With the support of ACCOBAMS, the Database will cover the whole Agreement area.
  • The Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) of the Mediterranean Action Plan, UNEP, will act as depository and trustee of the database. The RAC/SPA might delegate its management to a public institution of a Mediterranean country.
  • In accordance to the MOU between ACCOBAMS and RAC/SPA, ACCOBAMS scientific Committee and RAC/SPA will establish a working group to filter and validate the information submitted.
  • The information will be submitted to the database annually by individual authors or, preferably, through the different SPA National Focal Points of the UNEP’s Mediterranean Action Plan and National Co-ordinators for ACCOBAMS.
  • Each author will have the right to free use of the information submitted by him after submission to the database.
  • Persons other than authors will not make use of the data registered to MEDACES for scientific publications, unless permission is given in written by them and MEDACES managers. In order to safeguard the property of the data MEDACES will record the authors of every data.
  • A report will be periodically published with the information provided to MEDACES, being the researchers or institutions contributing to the database co-authors of such reports.
  • The public, through an Internet web site, will have access to data deposited by researchers of the different states.
  • The database will be in French and English, and the submissions should be in these languages.

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